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Established in 2009, Unified Media Club of Pakistan is first of its kind independent media organization in Pakistan. UMCP is a platform for working and upcoming journalists with opportunities of continuous learning and growth.
Not merely restricted to organize issue oriented media activities like seminars, conferences and media talks to inform and entertain public, Unified Media Club encompasses various fields in keeping up with the diversity of the journalists’ interests, such as workshops, media trainings, exhibitions ...


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Unified Media Awards

Unified Media Awards

  • Unified Media Awards

Institute of Climate Change Communication (ICCC)
Institute of Climate Change Communication (ICCC) is a landmark program of the Unified Media Club of Pakistan. Under the ICCC Unified Media Club of Pakistan is committed to lead in the field of creating awareness on Climate Change which is damaging not only Pakistan but the whole world. Pakistan is among the list of top 10 countries moat vulnerable to the impact of Climate Change.
Photo Haroon Akram Gill
General Secretary of the Unified Media Club of Pakistan also looks after the Institute of Climate Change Communication (ICCC). Haroon has a vast and global experience of working on creating awareness on Climate Change, the most damaging issue of today.
CPEC Media and Research Center
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)has gained the significance for the development of the region. It is said that CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have positive impact on Iran, Afghanistan, India, Central Asian Republic, and the region. The enhancement of geographical linkages having improved road, rail and air transportation system with easy trade and people to people contact, enhancing understanding through academic, cultural and regional knowledge and culture
Photo Syed Ali Imran
Syed Ali Imran is a business columnist and investment banker. He is a YouTube blogger and social media activist. He was a former documentary producer on international affairs and also served as Programme Anchor in a Pakistani News Channel...
Kashmir Media Desk
Kashmir, the oldest conflict on the UN register, remains the core issue between Pakistan and India as Kashmiris struggle to fight the murderous Indian occupation. Every day, the Indian occupation in Kashmir, also known as the world's largest open air prison, produces spine-chilling stories of gore and death. More than a million Indian forces - army and paramilitary - kill, maim and blind Kashmiris with ruthless impunity
Photo Murtaza Shibli
A British Kashmir journalist, author and a communication expert, currently living between Srinagar, Lahore/Islamabad and London, Worked Asia, Africa and Europe in various roles including the Head of Communications for UNDP in South Sudan and Press officer for the UN head in Pakistan.
Media Workshops / Trainings

Our objective is to keep the journalists and students of communication studies abreast of media techniques with modern technology.

We pay special attention on the journalists who are associated with any media organization and working in particular fields such as Reporting/ Production/ News Room Culture/ Research Methodologies/ Camera Operations/ Out Door Shots/ Event Plans/ Set Designing/ Lighting Operations/ Photography/ Online Journalism and Safety Journalism.

Central Research Institute

CRICP, the Think-tank, has researched for many years on the issues being faced by the country, their reasons and also sorted out solutions.

The UMCP seeks to deliver these solutions to the government and the people as well.

These research papers or reports are aimed at providing government a guideline as it could chalk out strategies to solve the problems prevailing in the country. The journalists can also get benefit from it.

Journalist Support Fund (JSF)

UMCP has established a Fund for Journalists’ Help with the support of our “Team Unified” and partners.
UMCP members have contributed in the Fund for Journalists’ Help and, at the same time, appealed other journalists to join hands with UMPC for this noble cause.
In addition to collecting the fund from UMCP members, the club also raised its voice to appeal other journalists on humanitarian basis to come forward and share the responsibility...

Journalist of the Month
M Hassan Raza

M Hassan Raza

Muhammad Hassan Raza belongs to Okara, a city of Punjab-Pakistan. Holding an M Phil in Mass Communication for University of Gujrat, Hassan started his journalistic career as a sub editor in a local magazine in 2005 and then joined Daily Ausaf as reporter in 2008. He moved to daily Pakistan in 2010, Waqt TV in 2011, PID, APP and finally joined Dunya Group in 2012. Hassan was promoted as special correspondent in 2014. He left Dunya for 92 News in 2016 but rejoined after one month and still...

Media Training

Award Ceremony

UMCP established a fund with the help of our “Team Unified” and partners. This is supporting fund just for the help of our community and above all for the humanity.

In first phase we collect a small number of amounts from the members of Unified Media Club and raise a voice on humanitarian bases, most of other journalists also shake hand for this journalist support fund and through this activity we motivate the journalist’s community on our self help struggle.


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