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Our Aims and Objectives

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Aims and Objectives of Unified Media Club of Pakistan.


• Professional Aspirations

To provide Opportunities for Vocational Instruction, Training Workshops, Short Courses, Collaboration with Established National and International Media Organizations, and Enhancement of Professional Journalistic Skills through Exchange of Delegations


• Creation of Awareness and Understanding

Create Awareness, Understanding, and a Unified Consciousness among Journalists and the General Public through Seminars and Conferences regarding Challenges faced by the Nation


• Journalistic and Leisure Activities

Organization of Sports Competitions, Cultural Activities, as well as Research and Recreation Tours for Physical and Intellectual Development of Journalists


• Welfare of Journalists

Provision of Specialized Vocational and Educational Resources for Journalists working in Print and Electronic Media; Scholarships for Higher Education


• Struggle for the Rights of Journalists

Establishment of a Platform which can serve as an Effective Base for the Attainment of Legal, Professional, Social, and Economic Rights of Journalists




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