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About Unified Media Club

Unified Media Club established in 2009, Unified Media Club of Pakistan is first of its kind independent media organization in Pakistan. UMCP is a platform for working and upcoming journalists with opportunities of continuous learning and growth.

Not merely restricted to organize issue oriented media activities like seminars, conferences and media talks to inform and entertain public, Unified Media Club encompasses various fields in keeping up with the diversity of the journalists’ interests, such as workshops, media trainings, exhibitions, competitions based on arts and different domains of media such as journalism, reporting, anchoring,  script and creative writing, content writing, fictional and non-fictional writing, photography, videography, music and all other information based and entertainment based activities etc.

Unified Media Club also has a fund on self contribution basis for the support of media community. Being the president and founder member of the Unified Media Club of Pakistan, I feel proud to be the part of this organization and seek support from all concerned quarters because

“Together We Can Grow”

and take our profession to new heights. 

(Muhammad Hassan-President)

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Energy Conference
05.12.2018 - 05.12.2018 | 15.00
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