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Climate Change Media Center


Institute of Climate Change Communication (ICCC) is a landmark program of the Unified Media Club of Pakistan. Under the ICCC Unified Media Club of Pakistan is committed to lead in the field of creating awareness on Climate Change which is damaging not only Pakistan but the whole world.  Pakistan is among the list of top 10 countries moat vulnerable to the impact of Climate Change.  There is a dire need to tackle the issue on every forum.  Unfortunately, Climate Change is under reported here in Pakistan and there is a huge gap between the public and the concerned quarters.  To bridge this gap and to fulfil our core responsibility being a media organization,  UMCP has set up the Institute of Climate Change Communication which is committed to.

1- Create awareness among the general public on
What is Climate Change?, What impacts Climate Change has?, How Climate Change can be tackled?  What is adaptation? What is mitigation? What are Green House gases?  What are emissions? and many other related questions
2- To bring experts from different fields on table to discuss the possible solutions to Climate Change
3-To sensitize general public on how they can play part to handle the climate change
4-To work to become climate resilient
5-To train the present and upcoming journalists on how to report the climate change and its impact on different sectors
6-To hold trainings for teachers,  students,  community leaders and influencers on storytelling and presenting solutions to the society regarding climate change
7- To bridge the gap between the industry and the policymakers on the issue of "development but not on the cost of environment"


Haroon Akram Gill
Haroon Akram Gill
General Secretary of the Unified Media Club of Pakistan also looks after the Institute of Climate Change Communication (ICCC). Haroon has a vast and global experience of working on creating awareness on Climate Change, the most damaging issue of today. He has been trained by the leading activist on Climate Change and former US Vice President Mr. Al Gore in Chicago. Haroon Akram Gill has also witnessed the historical Paris Agreement taking place and represented Pakistan as UNFCCC accredited journalist in COP21 held in France in 2015. He has written numerous articles for national and international publications, participated in TV programs, conferences and seminars and presented research papers on the issue of Climate Change.
Gill also delivers lectures and presentations to sensitize Public and policymakers on the hardest issue of recent times. His audience includes government departments, politicians, law enforcement agencies, industrialists, students, community groups etc. Haroon also teaches Environmental Communication to Master degree students at the Prestigious University of the Punjab, Lahore.


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